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M&R Style Screen Printing Aluminum Pallets

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  • M&R Style Pallet

    M&R Style Screen Printing Pallets

    From $114.92

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    Pallet Bracket Tape

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    Pallet Bracket with Tape

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    Screen Printing Pallet Rubber

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About Us

Primo Pallets has been building and supplying M&R style pallets to the screen printing industry for 20 years. There are many thousands of Primo Pallets running reliably every hour of every day on M&R presses throughout the world. We are a small but highly focused business with each of our craftsmen sharing a deep understanding of the requirements for high quality screen printing and that only the highest quality pallets can meet this critical role. 

Our pallets set the standard for performance for flatness and durability. We use only the highest grade materials available today. Our aluminum plate is specifically designed to stay flat indefinitely with routine use, even in elevated temperatures and harsh conditions. We flatten this plate to a remarkable +/- .010″ to offer our customers the flattest screening surface in the industry and a surface allowing for tight precision print resolution.


We take pride in assuring our pallets are flat to +/- .010” and .0625” in length and width dimensions

Lifetime Guarantee

We are so confident of our quality that we are the only pallet supplier to offer a lifetime guarantee for flatness and construction.

Midwest Location

Primo Pallet’s midwest U.S. location offers the ability to provide quick and simple logistics solutions for customers’ shipments.

Freight Or Shipping Costs


There are no freight or shipping costs for our stock size pallets within the Continental United States.

lifetime warranty


Our pallets are built with an incredible amount of care and precision. We stand behind our pallets with a lifetime warranty that applies specifically to our superior flatness and craftsmanship.

Made In USA


Primo Pallets has been offering pallets to the screen printing industry for over two decades. There are currently over 200,000 Primo Pallets around the globe meeting our customers critical requirements

Become a Primo Pallets Distributor!


Become a Primo Pallets Distributor!

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Mailing Address:
Primo Pallets LLC
PO Box 8593
Madison, WI 53708
Phone No:

(833) 224-8924

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