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There are no freight or shipping costs for our stock size pallets within the Continental United States. Shipments for all other items are freight collect at our discounted UPS rate.

Shipments for pallets outside the Continental US (domestic and international) receive a freight credit equal to the cost of our shipping to closest domestic shipping point on either the west or east coasts. To place international orders please call us at 866-758-7898; Ext 10.


Our pallets are built with an incredible amount of care and precision. We stand behind our pallets with a lifetime warranty that applies specifically to our superior flatness and craftsmanship.

Deterioration of rubber top surface is not covered by this guarantee. This guarantee may include product repair, replacement or merchandise credit at the sole discretion of Primo Pallets. Primo Pallets retains the ultimate authority as to what constitutes a defect in its product manufacture and what the appropriate remedies may or may not include.

All new products qualify for our Lifetime Warranty program. Simply complete the following registration form after receiving your shipment. This form must be completed and returned to us for your pallets to qualify for the Lifetime Guarantee program.

Pallet Repairs

Damaged Pallets

Pallets used over an extended period of time are likely to suffer damage to the rubber top surface. This rubber damage can result in a rough and irregular surface, shrinkage of the work area, and a loss of resiliency.

Maintaining a superior rubber surface is critical for optimal printing results.

Primo Pallets Repair Service

Primo Pallets offers a refurbishing service which includes rubber replacement, pallet clean-up, and restores your pallets to like-new working condition. Bracket replacement, if necessary, is available at an additional charge. Our process replaces the damaged rubber with new high quality rubber, using 3M 1357 adhesive. Pallets that have suffered damage to the aluminum plate may not be repairable. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Made In USA

Primo Pallets has been offering pallets to the screen printing industry for nearly two decades. There are currently over 200,000 Primo Pallets around the globe meeting our customers critical requirements.

We are a small business employing craftsmen that truly understand the requirements necessary for high quality screen printing. Our pallets are flattened to a remarkable +/- .010″ offering the flattest possible screening surface for optimal print resolution.

We use the highest grade materials. Our aluminum is specficially designed to stay flat after processing. We use the highest grade rubber available as well as 3M adhesives and tapes.


We make aluminum, rubber top pallets with M&R style brackets. The materials we use have been carefully engineered in design and have time-tested performance after many years of use by our customers. Our aluminum is flattened to .010” across the entire surface of the pallet. We use a specific aluminum which once flattened, stays flat indefinitely, even under the harshest conditions and elevated temperatures. Our rubber is specifically formulated for our application and is extremely smooth, blemish free and consistent in all properties. We use only 3M 1357 contact adhesive to bond the rubber to our aluminum which has a 30 year history of favorable performance. Our bracket is made of the same alloy as our pallets. It is an extremely straight and true extrusion which has been anodized to prevent any form of corrosion. The tape used for securing the bracket is a Very High Bond product and we have never experienced bond failure between the bracket and the pallet regardless of pallet size, weight, and conditions.

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